Carol Ventresca

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Executive Director Employment for Seniors, Inc.

Employment for Seniors, Inc.

Area of Expertise:

As the Executive Director of Employment for Seniors, Inc., Dr. Carol Ventresca has spent the past four years enhancing services and programs for Central Ohio employers, as well as local residents, 50 years of age and older, who are seeking job opportunities.  Employment for Seniors is celebrating over 40 years of service to more than 28,000 mature job seekers in our community. During 2012 we served over 1,100 new clients.  Supported by a dedicated team of professional Volunteer Job Counselors to register new clients, EFS provided over 7,000 units of service ~ employment referrals, career assistance, resume reviews, resource recommendations ~ to our 3,500 current clients.Carol served the State of Ohio and The Ohio State University in a variety of positions, focusing on educational programs for adults, and the academic and career advising of students, ranging in age from 18 to 80.  She directed various programs in the Office of Continuing Education at Ohio State, focusing on workforce development, the increase of evening and weekend academic opportunities for non-traditional students, and promotion of lifelong learning in Franklin County.  Carol also served on the administrative staff of the Ohio Bureau of Employment Services, and provided assistance in the human resources development and training functions for Liqui-Box Corporation.A life-long Columbus resident, Carol earned a Bachelor’s degree from Otterbein University in Psychology and Sociology.  She received a Masters in Sociology, and a doctorate in Sociology and Business, concentrating on organizational behavior and design, from The Ohio State University.Advocacy for senior job seekers is her primary role as executive director of Employment for Seniors.  Increasing employers’ awareness of this highly skilled and experienced talent pool in our community is critical to the success and growth of our economic future.

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Mature Job Seekers: Hidden Jewels of the Job Market

Professional Wellness

Employers need experienced, qualified and reliable candidates; how do you make yourself into the best candidate? This presentation will discuss the issues in today’s economic climate and the barriers mature job seekers must overcome to re-enter the workforce. We will review tips on how to translate your skills into today’s opportunities, what the application process requires, what is new about resumes and cover letters, where jobs can be found, and how to take ownership of your job search

Creating a Diverse Workforce; Finding Talented Mature Job Seekers

Professional Wellness

Finding new staff members has become an electronic nightmare of resumes and applications! Recruiting is an expensive line item in every budget, but the current programs have created greater confusion in the search for successful candidates. EFS and other non-profit organizations in Central Ohio are ready to assist in meeting your next hiring need.Let’s create diversity in your organization and find a candidate who will bring value, skills, maturity and dependability to your workforce all through the free services of Employment For Seniors!

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