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The Tradeshow Doctor

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Tradeshows, Expos and More…..The Prescription For Success

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If you have ever thought or said….”I did one Expo before and I didn’t get anything out of it”….then you NEED to attend this Seminar. The introductory information covered during this presentation applies to Trade Shows, Expos, Job Fairs or ANY Exhibit Space Opportunity. If you want to ENSURE THE SUCCESS of your Exhibit Space investment, then you must attend this informative, fast-paced Seminar that will equip you with the proven 6-Step Process and Mindset necessary to apply at your very next event.

6-Step Prescription for Success: Step 6 - Analysis

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The final step is where the rubber meets the road. The Tradeshow Doctor, Diane Wingeter, will assist you in discovering your Return On Investment (ROI). During this final Step you will truly determine if the event was worthwhile and if you should repeat the event year after year! Value of this final step in the 6-Step Prescription for success….priceless! Analyze properly and you will set your roadmap for Tradeshow Success!!!

6-Step Prescription for Success: Step 5 - Follow Through

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If you are NOT going to Follow-Through with those you met during the Tradeshow, Conference, Show, Expo, Fair or Festival, then why did you set-up in the first place? This is a valid question, as unfortunately it is a common mistake! The Tradeshow Doctor, Diane Wingerter, provides the post-event tasks necessary to keep your hard-work and momentum moving in your favor!

6-Step Prescription for Success: Step 4 - Exhibit Day

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This is the day you have been waiting for! The selection, planning and preparation steps have lead up to The Exhibit Day! This is the day or series of days when you implement and execute all that you have planned and prepared to do! So, The Tradeshow Doctor, will share all the tricks and tips necessary to attract attendees to YOUR booth. They will WANT to come into your booth, because you are a source of excitement and you offer something they WANT!

6-Step Prescription for Success: Step 3 - Prep & Pre-Event Checklist

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As you begin to prepare for any event, there are an overwhelming number of decisions that you will need to make. The Tradeshow Doctor, Diane Wingerter, has created the step-by-step checklist necessary to streamline this process and make sure that you have given each detail the proper consideration. There is a difference between making a conscious decision not to do something, versus not realizing that you should have made a decision about something. Don’t go into the Preparation stage with blinders on, or it will be quite evident during the event!

6-Step Prescription for Success: Step 2 - Planning & Numbers Philosophy

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The Exhibitor’s motive for participating in a Tradeshow, Conference, Show, Expo, Festival or Fair may exist for a combination of reasons. Once the overall purpose is determined, Planning Formulas will be discussed in order to have a clear expectation of the results you should obtain. The Tradeshow Doctor, Diane Wingerter has the proven prescription to determine your outcome before the event ever begins! It is truly an amazing and accurate step found within the 6-Step Tradeshow Prescription for Success.

6-Step Prescription for Success: Step 1 - Selecting the Tradeshow/Expo Right for You

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The Tradeshow Industry is OVERWHELMING! In the United States there are over 7,000 Tradeshows, 15,000 Conferences and 26,000 Shows/Festivals each year. So, how do you know which ones to commit to and reserve booth space within??? The Tradeshow Doctor, Diane Wingerter, has the answers you need. You will walk away with a tangible checklist along with the knowledge necessary to select the events and booth space right for YOU!

12 Tips for Writing a Persuasive Bio

Professional Wellness

Have you ever read a personal bio that has left you feeling FLAT???? Well, that is the effect of most written bios. They do not persuade anyone to take action to reach out to you for your expertise or talents. As a result of this information, you will learn 12 Tips to consider when creating and writing your Business or Personal Bio along with key Dos and Don’ts to ensure your bio lands in ‘The Hall of Fame’ and not ‘The Hall of Shame.’

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