Jane Acri

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Community Education Program Manager

Central Ohio Area Agency on Aging

Area of Expertise:


Stuff: Tips for Downsizing and Managing Clutter

Social Wellness

As we get older, many of us struggle to manage all the possessions we have accumulated. This session will offer some insights as to why we collect what we do and when we should be concerned about our collecting. Offers practical tips to assist in downsizing our homes and reducing the clutter in our lives.

Skin – The Great Protector

Physical Wellness

Peel back the layers of information on the body’s largest organ! Find out what your skin can tell you about your health. Offers suggestions on how to keep your skin healthy and working for you.

Sharing Our Stories: The Benefits of Life Review and Reminiscence

Emotional Wellness

Research shows that life review and reminiscence are very important and enriching to individuals, families and communities. We have the means of easily preserving these memories for generations to come. This topic looks at the positive reasons for relating your memories and gives ideas and tips for recording them.

Maximize Your Memory

Physical Wellness

Find out how memory works and the factors affecting it. Learn techniques to improve and maintain your memory.

Improve Your Eye-Q

Physical Wellness

Learn about normal vision changes, age-related eye conditions, treatment choices and ways to maintain the best possible vision.

Humor: Jest for Health

Physical Wellness

Offers insights into the relationship of laughter and feeling better, appropriate vs. inappropriate humor and how to find your funny bone. A senior audience favorite!

Hold Your Own Against Cold & Flu

Physical Wellness

Do you know the difference between a Cold and the Flu? Do you know how to prevent or treat both? Stock up on your cold and flu prevention and treatment knowledge.

Herbal Remedies: Help or Hype?

Physical Wellness

Learn how to assess the safety and effectiveness of herbal products. Reviews risks, cost, questions to ask and where to get more information.

Going Green: Where Health & Well Being Meet

Physical Wellness

Green’ living is more than just recycling. It means eating healthier, being active and getting involved in our community. Find out what small steps you can take to positively impact the earth and your health.

Emergency Preparedness: More Than Just a Good Idea

Physical Wellness

Emergencies by definition are unforeseen events that require immediate action. This program provides information on basic supply kits, developing a communications plan, and general principles of preparedness.

Diabetes: Understanding Causes, Treatment & Prevention

Physical Wellness

Reviews risk factors, symptoms and treatment options. Identifies the steps for prevention.

Dementia & Communicating with Confused Older Adults

Physical Wellness

Reviews the potential causes of dementia and practical tips for communication.

Be Stroke-Wise

Physical Wellness

Identifies the common causes and effects of strokes. Discusses resources for diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation.

60+ Rules for the Road

Physical Wellness

Driving is cognitively and physically demanding. Reviews sensory losses and suggestions to maximize your driving skill. make good choices instead of taking chances!

“Oh My Aching” – a Map to Maneuver the Aches and Pains of Aging

Physical Wellness

Hit the road to managing arthritis. Learn about types, symptoms and treatment. Offers suggestions on meeting the challenges of chronic pain.

Take Charge! Wellness for Men & Women

Physical Wellness

Many major health threats can be prevented or treated if warning signs are caught early. Reviews risk factors and prevention strategies for heart disease, stroke and certain cancers.

Depression and the Older Adult

Physical Wellness

Offers insight into causes, symptoms and treatment of this serious but treatable illness, which often leads to other life complications.

Wake Up to Better Sleep

Physical Wellness

Offers clues for the causes of sleeplessness,resources to manage sleep disorders and suggestions for a good night’s sleep!

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