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Jeff Young is a highly qualified Education and Performance Development executive with 30+ years of progressive experience in program design and delivery, and 35+ years of engagement and project management experience. His expertise lies in his ability to identify organizational needs and develop training programs suited to all levels of personnel. Just as significant are his contributions to improved business performance, productivity, quality and profitability.Jeff is a former Director and Account Manager with Intellinex, an eLearning venture of Ernst & Young, LLP and has helped manage and mentor thousands of people in many different organizations. Since his retirement from OCLC, where he worked as an Enterprise Project Manager, Jeff has been deeply involved in community service by volunteering for and helping manage several local non-profit organizations.

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Most recently, Jeff's passion has been devoting his time to being a Professional Networker, teaching Networking and LinkedIn and he has trained thousands of professionals in how to maximize their networking skills and best utilize networking tools. Please see the links below Jeff's LinkedIn Summary for some of his presentations and tips on how to use LinkedIn most effectively.As a Professional Networker and LinkedIn Guru, I have provided nearly 200 free LinkedIn workshops over the last three years.  If you look on my LinkedIn profile below the Professional Networker, LinkedIn Trainer position in the experience section you will see links to my upcoming seminars.By the way, this doesn't work if you are using an app on a smartphone or tablet (which is one of the reasons why I recommend never using them for LinkedIn).

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LinkedIn: Profile Review (Why You Need a Complete Profile)

Professional Wellness

What does it mean to be an “All-Star” on LinkedIn? What does it take to have a complete profile on LinkedIn? Why is it a competitive advantage to have a complete profile on LinkedIn? Get the answers to these questions and many more by interacting with a long-time user of LinkedIn to learn the best ways to maximize the potential of your online web presence on LinkedIn. This workshop will review the key aspects of all LinkedIn profiles and show participants how to “get found” by making sure their profile has the right stuff to get noticed. Whether you are new to LinkedIn or a constant user, you will learn something during this session that will make your profile better.

LinkedIn: Maximizing LinkedIn’s Potential for Your Business

Professional Wellness

What is the best way to utilize LinkedIn to help your business? Why do I need LinkedIn when I already use Facebook? Participants in this workshop will get the opportunity to interact with a long-time user of LinkedIn from both a personal and professional perspective. Many businesses are realizing that LinkedIn has just as much potential as any of the other social media tools. Schedule this workshop to learn what aspects of LinkedIn are focused on enhancing your business and keeping you in touch and connected with your customers and clients. Learn from a LinkedIn expert that has helped such venues as JPM Chase, OCLC, ABCO Fire Protection, Part Time Works, Edison Welding Institute and Fire and Ice Heating and Cooling understand the potential of LinkedIn for enhancing your company’s image.

LinkedIn: Maximizing LinkedIn Branding Channels

Professional Wellness

I’ve been told it is a marketing cliche that you need seven touches in order to get your message across. Basically, the more touches or contact you can have with a prospective customer in as many ways as possible, the more likely you are to build strong relationships and build your brand.In this workshop I will explain a Marketing/Branding sequence that can be used by anyone (business, entrepreneur or individual) to get your message across and build your brand through LinkedIn. It has worked for me and I think it can work for you as well.

LinkedIn: Ask the Expert

Professional Wellness

You have a LinkedIn account – NOW WHAT? How do you leverage LinkedIn for maximum results? If these are questions you have asked yourself, then come to a workshop where you can learn some excellent tips and techniques from a well-known LinkedIn expert. You will have the opportunity to ask “how-to” questions and take a peek beneath the covers of LinkedIn to get an overview of its functionality. You will also learn what you can do with LinkedIn from a personal or business perspective. Specifically, you will learn how to move beyond just collecting contacts and how to use LinkedIn to build your network – and to MAXIMIZE your professional networking.

LinkedIn: What’s New on LinkedIn and Why Should You Care?

Professional Wellness

LinkedIn LOVES to change things! Where did the “Introduction” button go? What’s all this business about hashtags? How do you find what you need on LinkedIn? Where did they move all my stuff?

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