Jim Hatch

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Career Strategist

Jewish Family Services

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Too Young To Retire — 2Y2R

Professional Wellness

The concept behind 2Y2R is that there are three main issues facing us as Boomers: Health, Wealth, and Staying Productive / Career / Work. Jim facilitates the discussion to provide ideas on options available at any stage of life. Experts on health and wealth are invited (from COPEC speakers) to provide invaluable advice in those related areas. Most of us prefer or need to be gainfully employed, so staying productive is the main theme of the workshop. Issues related to age discrimination in the job search are presented as well as strategies for being successful in your career at any age. Whether it is becoming a volunteer, starting your own business, part-time work, or full-time endeavors,this workshop explores your choices in an interactive format.

Taking Charge of Your Professional Career Search

Professional Wellness

Jim will share proven techniques, tools and secrets that have helped many job seekers navigate successfully through their search. Topics addressed include how to be strategic, branding yourself (from the brief networking intro to the full-blown elevator pitch), following up appropriately, and developing a powerful approach in resumes and social media profiles. Jim will also expose myths about the job search and share valuable nuggets to network more effectively. The workshop is interactive to give you the opportunity to get the answers you want, to network and to share what you have learned about the job search.

Resume & Profile Development Strategies for Your Career Search

Professional Wellness

The concept of the main job search tool, the resume, is evolving quickly. What makes for a modern, competitive resume? Using current resume writer techniques, Jim reviews what works (and what does not), and shares one of his top job search secrets to getting past the application stage of the job search process and scoring interviews. In addition, Jim will discuss the one of the main dilemmas facing job seekers: how to tailor the LinkedIn Profile for best and maximum exposure. Most of us are not good writers, so Jim offers suggestions and resources for getting your tools up to the level of the competition, or better! Your specific questions will also be addressed, as possible, in a group/workshop setting.

Interviewing Secrets for Your Career Search

Professional Wellness

The most important phase of the job search process may be verbalizing your fitness to do the job AND be part of the team in the new environment. Your application (and networking) will get you to second base but now YOU must impress them one more time to get an offer. This workshop offers proven pointers on how to navigate the interview with positive, professional and precise answers. This is a learned talent that is necessary and critical to your success! In this interactive workshop, Jim will empower you to win the interview and get the offer. From tell us about yourself and the exit statement to the salary and weakness questions, this workshop covers all the usual suspects in preparing your stories and answers for ultimate success.

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