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City Manager Columbus Career Network

Columbus Career Network

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You’re not alone! – understanding job clubs and career ministries

Professional Wellness

According to a recent SHRM survey, the average daily time an unemployed person spends on their job search is 41 minutes! Several factors affect this but the primary solution is to be in accountable relationships with other people.According to the US Department of Labor, there are over 10,000 job clubs and career ministries throughout the US. In 2014, the government completed a study of their effectiveness and impact on the long term unemployed. This session will share those findings and provide local solutions specific to every stage of the unemployment life cycle regardless of career background or direction.

Understanding O*Net: Key tips to expand career options

Professional Wellness

O*Net is the nations primary source of occupational information. Central to the project is the O*Net database, containing information on hundreds of standardized and occupation-specific descriptors. Successful job seekers learn how to expand career options by integrating transferable skills and job functions to the O*Net system. If you’re looking to improve your job search with an enhanced focus of career options available that reflect your background, this session will provide that for you.

The Course of Crisis

Professional Wellness

Job loss is a jolt to our emotions and has subtle and obvious affect on the unemployed and their loved ones. Learning about this crisis experience will help those affected know what to grab hold of and prepare for the inevitable ups and downs of the rollercoaster experience. Participants will learn the crisis cycle, assess their own stressors and learn about resources to alleviate habits that compound the crisis event.

Skin in the Game – discerning when, how and where to invest in your job search

Professional Wellness

Employers want to spend money to find talent as much as job seekers want to invest in their job search, which is as little as possible. But when traditional methods fail to produce the value necessary for both parties, how does the job seeker determine when, what for and how much to spend? This session will examine good, poor and effective options job seekers can consider when the time comes to invest their own money in their career or job search.

Honey, why aren’t you working yet? – helping loved ones deal with your work status

Professional Wellness

There are three types of people, the unemployed, underemployed and unfulfilled. This interactive session will unpack the common symptoms associated with a household responding to “less than ideal” working conditions and consider healthy alternatives to enhancing family life.This session will relate to parents with “at home post college” adult children, the under-employed and full time unfulfilled who seek greater meaning in their next assignment.

30 Day New Job Jump Start – what to do the first 30 days of your next job!

Professional Wellness

Participants will discuss the “what happened” affect of downsizing and learn adjustment strategies to successfully prepare when the next offer arrives. If you find yourself having repeated gaps of employment, this session may be for you!

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