Lynn Dobb

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Education and Training Manager Central Ohio Area Agency on Aging


Tools For Independent Living: Family Dynamics & Aging

Social Wellness

Learn common characteristics of spouses, adult children and siblings involved in caregiving and how this relates to common caregiving challenges. Information to help overcome obstacles in family caregiving discussed.

Tools for Independent Living: Preventing Burnout in Caregiving

Emotional Wellness

Identify signs of caregiver stress and burnout; common emotions and coping strategies discussed.

Tools for Independent Living: Caring for Someone in the Home

Social Wellness

Develop tips/techniques for providing home care for loved ones.

Tools For Independent Living: Caring for a “Difficult” Family Member

Emotional Wellness

Discuss circumstances which can provoke difficult behaviors, and learn techniques for coping with these behaviors.

Tools For Independence: Navigating the Health Care Maze

Social Wellness

Learn about consumer rights, tips for getting high quality care in various settings.

Tools For Independence: Getting Started & Planning Ahead

Financial Wellness

Information on long-term care, financial realities, and legal tools for planning.

Tools for Independence: Caring for Someone in a Care Facility

Social Wellness

This program is for families transitioning a loved one from the community to the nursing home setting. Discusses choosing a facility, strategies for managing care, and resident’s rights.

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