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Matthew Byrne has made a career helping people find affordable health insurance. He is the founder of Spiralight Group &, a Dublin-based brokerage providing health insurance for individuals, families and corporations. Mr. Byrne served on the board of COPEC for 4 years and current serves in the board of the Columbus Association of Health Underwriters (CAHU) and is a subject matter expert speaking frequently about Self-Funding, MEWAs, HealthCare Reform, COBRA, Medicare as well as Sales, Marketing, Business Development.

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Trump Reform: The post-election ACA

Financial Wellness

Trump Reform: The Post Election ACAHealth Reform – Navigating the Changes in HealthcareThe Affordable Care Act makes sweeping and dramatic changes to how employers manage their employee benefits. It is crucial to stay abreast of changes that will immediately impact your businesses as well as begin preparation for future requirements that will have financial and administrative impact. Join us as we map out how reform affects businesses and individuals alike. The seminar will inform business owners, employers and human resource professionals on the latest information about health reform and how it will directly impact businesses.Topics Covered:Trump Administration policy impacts on Health Care ReformEmployer MandatesIndividual MandatesCoverage Expansion to DependentsSmall Business Health Insurance Tax CreditExchangesMedical Loss Ratio (MLR)How to stay in touch with new developmentsThis Presentation will provide:1. Deconstruction of the Bill and Its Provisions2. A Timeline of Provisions and Employer Responsibilities3. Practical Steps to Comply with the Law4. Anticipated Changes to Benefit Plan Design, Funding Options and Affordability Strategies

Personality Selling – Know Thyself and Know Thy Client

Professional Wellness

Customers are not all the same in their looks,buying decisions, needs, objectives or problems. So why would you use the same sales technique for each? If you were a musician, would you play the same song for a group of 55 year old benefactors as you would for a group of 20 year olds? Of course not.Join us as we explore client types, personalities and how to detect characteristics that help sell your products, your services and most importantly your ideas.

Integrity Selling: Closing Your Calling - Selling By Serving

Professional Wellness

We are all called to do something special–yet too often we ignore, suppress, or find ways to avoid pursuit of our true calling. Regardless of title, everyone sells. So often, however, we tend to associate the nature of selling with manipulation–of playing on peoples’ wants or fears to get them to do something that we want. In our imperfect world, that may be the case in some occupations and environments, but for those of us fortunate to be following our true calling, “selling” isn’t selling at all–it’s all about serving.Topics Addressed:Finding your Purpose, Discovering your Why.Finding needs and filling them (the heart of true entrepreneurship)How every NO gets you closer to a YESPersonality Profiling (First Rule: “To Thine Own Self Be True”)It’s Win-Win, or No DealDon't sell…teachHow passion fuels perseveranceThis Presentation will Provide:Practical tips and action steps to discern your callingA step-by-step breakdown of the consultative/integrity selling approachGuidelines on how to identify personality types (starting with your own!)How to close the sale gently but firmly.This presentation will examine what these factors mean to you in both your personal and professional life. Further, it will help you delve deeper into your own mindsets that may be holding you back–especially when it comes to issues around perseverance. When you are truly committed and driven by a mission and purpose that is greater than yourself, you gain focus and tap a potential within you that can create outstanding results.

Employee Education and Engagement Understanding Your Health Insurance Benefits

Professional Wellness

Health Insurance Basics: Join us as we demystify health insurance and learn to better understand our current benefits and take an active role in our health plan. We will explore how to read the Explanation of Benefits (EOB), how to calculate our maximum out of pocket, how to become a better consumer and how to understand what is covered and how to get the MOST out of our health plan.

Consumerism, Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) and the American Way

Professional Wellness

The Medical IRA: Why Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) are the Best Thing Since Sliced Bread Why do Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) make so much sense? Because this health insurance plan rewards you when you use it, and when you don’t. Unlike flexible spending accounts (FSAs), you don’t forfeit your funds at the end of a specified time period. HSAs compliment a high deductible health plan (HDHP) letting your money grow over time as tax free savings. You have ownership of your money, and freedom of preventative care and alternative medical options. In this workshop, you will learn about the incentives HSAs have to offer.

Branding & Positioning for the Job search

Professional Wellness

Personal Branding is about communicating what makes you different, unique and valuable to your target audience, so that you can stand out from crowd in today’s competitive job market. It’s not about being a jack-of-all trade (and master of none). It’s about tapping into what you were put on this earth to do. Learn how to narrow your search and dominate your market. Join us as we explore Personal Branding, The Brand Gap Discipline of Market Leaders Positioning and the Battle for the Mind Developing your Unique Selling Proposition “Regardless of age, regardless of position, regardless of the business we happen to be in, all of us need to understand the importance of branding. We are CEOs of our own companies: Me Inc. To be in business today, our most important job is to be head marketer for the brand called You.” -Tom Peters The Presentation will provide; 1) An exploration lessons learned from existing power brands 2) Tools for determining what makes your personal brand meaningful 3) Strategies for targeting employers who will respond to your brand.

Advanced Medicare

Professional Wellness

Learn from a licensed broker to navigate drug formularies, provider networks, Medicare Advantage, prescription drug programs, and Medicare supplements/Medigap plans.


Professional Wellness

This presentation includes: building a pipeline of referrals, how to empathetically listen, how to remember names and faces, how to craft your 30 second commercial, and more.

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