COPEC Retirement Decisions Workshop

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Join us for our semiannual Retirement Decision Workshop.  Sessions are designed for those contemplating retirement within the next five years. A discussion covering OPERS-STRS Pension Benefits, Pension Distribution Options, Social Security Benefits and Offsets, Alternative Retirement Plans, and a review on comprehensive Financial Planning. Multiple dates and locations are available.

Thanks to the COPEC (a 501C3 organization) Education outreach mission, all programs are at no cost to the public and without direct product or services sales.  Click here for full COPEC and board affiliation disclosure information.

Covid-19 Announcement -
We are following the guidelines from the venue(s) related to their policy regarding COVID-19 matters. Therefore, all events are subject to becoming webinar based if the recommendation refrains from meeting in person.

people in auditorium seats
Category: Financial Wellness
Occurs: ~quarterly
duration: ~120 minutes

Upcoming Retirement Decisions Workshop Dates

Currently no upcoming dates scheduled. Please check back for here for updates in the future.