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The Bounce Factor: Strengthen Resilience ~ Control Stress

Emotional Wellness

As work, home, the economy and society continue to throw change and challenge your way, how are you coping? Does your resilience help you bounce back or are you struggling to handle set-backs, big and small? Resilience can be strengthened by learning how to leverage your brain and mind: knowing your auto responses, consciously recognizing outdated thinking and then shifting your thinking and choosing to be effective in handling challenges and reducing stress. Just like all skills, resilience is strengthened by Focus and Repetition, so ongoing practice is needed for development. An accompanying workbook (for sessions over 1 hour) allows for self-paced, ongoing development of this critical characteristic.

Old Dogs & Young Pups: When Generations Collaborate

Social Wellness

Each of the four generations in today’s workplace brings very different—and often contradictory—values, beliefs and expectations to work where the success of the organization depends upon their strengths and collaboration. Never before have four so different generations worked side-by-side: loyal Traditionalists; idealistic Baby Boomers; pragmatic Gen X-ers; and confident Millennials. And a 5th generation—Gen Z / Gen Tech—adds yet another set of expectations to the workplace.The “magic” of inter-generational (and ‘gender’ too!) collaboration includes viewing the world through others’ lenses, finding the similarities and discovering the strengths that each generation brings to shape a successful enterprise. This happens through trust, agility and respect.This program begins the discussion for organizations that want to improve collaboration by examining how each generation defines “work” and “how work gets done” so that future conversations can leverage those differences to improve business outcomes.

Hang onto your Talent by Growing Greener Grass

Professional Wellness

If you’ve experienced the disquiet of employees, you know that most are continually looking for “greener grass”…a better job, a better employer, better conditions, etc. But what if you could actually BE the greener grass that employees seek? You really can keep the employees you want and lose those you don’t by upping your expectations, shifting career responsibilities and providing career opportunity unknown in virtually all organizations.The Career Partnering model is a win-win approach to career direction that teaches employees to align their strongest work value with strategic direction through initiative, change-agility, mentoring and a thorough knowledge of your organization’s business reality. While not for everyone, Career Partnering provides opportunity for you to leverage the motivators of your brightest talent, allowing them to create an equity position in your business that drives success.

Flexing Your Inner Caveman: KEYS to Change

Professional Wellness

Change is always challenging because we default to our Inner Caveman: our fight or flight response takes over and interprets any change as a threat. As human beings we like comfort: we’re built to move toward “homeostasis:” our body’s default, our comfortable ways of doing and being. Change means that we have to adapt, to do something different than what is already comfortable. From a physical perspective, this protects us from approaching saber-tooth tigers and stray prehistoric hyenas. The problem is that our brains don’t distinguish between true physical threats and the emotional ones of today’s workplace. In our brains, the threats of potential job loss, reduced salaries and new and improved work processes are just as real and scary as the meat-eating predators of our ancestors.We can adapt to change ONLY when we become intentional about how we see it and, thus, intentional about how we respond!

Blueprint for Business Growth: : Leverage Workforce Diversity & Build Employee Equity

Professional Wellness

The changing workforce is a constant challenge: it’s diverse, it’s aging and much of it may lack commitment to your business growth…and that can spell disaster for your business! This seminar reviews the challenges presented by today’s changing workforce as well as approaches to keeping the best and brightest of your workers. 21st Century business success requires getting the most from your workers; this learning forum shows you why “partner-owners” must replace “employees” and how to build a strategy to do it!

The Hard Truth About the Soft Stuff

Emotional Wellness

Emotional intelligence or “EI”…the stuff of “soft” skills. Even though upwards of 90% of leadership success is attributed to EI skills, strengthening them is often ignored or overlooked. If you’re looking to get the best from the people in your business, you’ll get a huge return from growing everyone’s emotional intelligence.

Leaders’ Emotional Savvy: Why & How It Matters

Emotional Wellness

People are the critical assets of business in the “Information/Service” economy, and people come with emotions. Success in today’s economy requires creativity, flexibility, resilience, interpersonal skills, teamwork, and collaboration and conflict skills from these assets, and sometimes emotions get in the way. Emotional Savvy is knowing how to welcome and handle change and challenge as they happen by using skills that recognize and manage emotions…both yours and others. Emotional Savvy leaders know that the humanness of emotions can get in the way of productive business results, and so they focus on developing Emotional Savvy to ensure collaboration and teamwork, reduced drama, and big commitment to strategy and goals. Some estimates show over 90% of a leader’s success is due to his/her handling of emotions in the workplace.

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