Julie Rinaldi

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CEO/Executive Director


Area of Expertise:


Managing Your Family’s Expectations after a Job Loss

Social Wellness

Why is it that when you lose your job everyone around you knows exactly what you should do to find another one and isn’t afraid to share that information with you whether you want to hear it or not? This presentation will provide insight into how the loss of a job impacts a person and explains that the loved ones of the newly unemployed might have unrealistic expectations that at the time seem hurtful. This experiences with family members after a job loss.

The Sandwich Generation

Physical Wellness

Many of us find ourselves simultaneously taking on the care-taking role for both our children and our aging parents these days. this can be both rewarding and stressful at the same time. Just keeping up with the day to day schedules of your children is a hard enough task, but now you add in additional doctor’s appointments, failing health, long-term care issues and complex financial situations and it is time to get some practical advice with a little humor thrown in for good measure! This presentation is perfect for those of us that find ourselves in this situation and are looking for a little help along our journey. Time is provided for members of the audience to share their experiences.

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