Katy Tombaugh

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Founder / CEO

Wellness Collective

Area of Expertise:

Katy is on a mission to transform businesses and lives throughher purpose –supporting health, happiness and well-being on a daily basis. Shebuilt Wellness Collective in 2007 on the foundation of three core values:people first, positive impact and live your passion. Over the last 14 years,Katy and her team have designed and delivered programming nationwide to serve avariety of organizations.


Katy’s passion is an addiction to feeling inspired and evokingthat in others so that everyone wins – the business, the culture and mostimportantly, the people. She finds joy in ideation and exploring what’spossible. This manifests in an ability to consult and lead organizations towardpositive, sustainable shifts in their approach to employee health and well-being.Her work has taken her into Fortune 500 businesses, local organizations,non-profits, and schools both public and private.


With a Bachelor of Science in Human Ecology, Katy went on topursue numerous certifications and professional development related to tobaccotreatment, behavior change, fitness, yoga/mindfulness, meditation and healthcoaching. Katy was also born to move, dance and perform; when not in the studioor competing in the ballroom, you’ll find her relaxing or creating (writing,arts & crafts) with her family and furbabies.

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THE WELL LEADER - 5 Principles for Winning the Workday, Slaying Self-Care & Supporting Others Along the Way

Physical Wellness

Leaders influence others. They inspire and create impact. They set, reach, and exceed goals. It is meaningful and important work that demands adequate self-care and healthcare to really go the distance.

Look forward to discovering tools for living as a Well Leader so that all groups you serve are performing at their best daily. If you are ready to make a difference in your life, your community, and your workplace, this is for you.

MAXIMIZE YOUR MORNING - Winning Ways to Start the Day

Physical Wellness

While it’s true that you likely have a preferred time of day where you feel especially “at your best”, there’s something magical about the morning hours. Each morning is a new beginning, and how you begin your day has the power to set the tone for the balance of your day. Let’s explore how to maximize your morning with healthy rituals that serve you well all day long.

FIND YOUR FLOW - Supportive Strategies for Winning the Day at Work & Home

Physical Wellness

What is flow? How do you find it? What are the benefits? As working adults who wear MANY hats, let’s collectively uncover several simple ways to leverage time, energy and talents all day long. By finding and staying “in the zone” you might just find (generally) that energy goes up and distress goes down – and that’s how we win the day at work at home. Join us for meaningful discussion and discovery of a trending topic. Hope to see you there!

BEYOND BIOMETRICS - It’s So Much More than “Knowing Your Numbers”

Physical Wellness

Knowing your numbers is a great first step in health care and self-care. Next, it’s time to understand your biggest opportunities and how to make small, sustainable lifestyle modifications to maintain or improve those numbers over time. Join us for a discussion around biometrics and how to get the best outcomes possible for feeling and functioning at your best while reducing your risk for chronic disease.

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