Marcia Strall

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Senior Living Options: Where to Look, What to Look For, and How to Pay For It

Financial Wellness

An overview of living options for seniors. Includes all types of environments, what to expect, costs, and qualifying for funding sources.

Medicare 101

Financial Wellness

Learn Medicare Basics: Part A,B,C,D and Supplemental. When to sign up, and what are the costs. A must for those considering retirement!

Making Your Business Older Adult Friendly

Social Wellness

Marketing or expanding your business to the Greatest Generation? An in-depth look at how to make your office environment, marketing materials, phone systems,and employees more user friendly for Older Adults.

Community Resources: In Depth Look at How to Find Them and How to Use Them

Professional Wellness

Not just a list! For those individuals in need or those caring for loved ones. Learn where to find resource assistance,how to qualify, and best ways to make them work for you.

Assisting Parents When They Need Your Help

Financial Wellness

This topic is broken down into mini workshops covering the financial, medical, and residential issues facing our aging parents and how to assist and guide them through the maze of information and options available in planning and decision making for the future. Most of the topics listed are ½ hour workshops. Two of these workshops can be combined for a 1 hour session. However, each topic is worthy of a full hour presentation, allowing more time for audience interaction and questions. Also, these topics are suitable to be presented in a series.

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